Our Concept

As Europe's first non-profit IT company, AfB is specialized in data erasure and remarketing of decommissioned IT hardware from european corporations, insurances, banks and public institutions. AfB retrieves the devices with trained personnel and transports these devices to the nearest AfB location. There the devices are checked, all data is removed in a certified manner and required repairs are undertaken. The IT-devices are remarketed with up to three years warranty. Old or defective devices are disassembled and recycled under highest ecological and ethical standards, resulting in savings of earth resources. The original owner of the devices receives all relevant reports including data destruction certificates for delivered hardware. All work steps are designed barrier-free and employees with and without disabilities work together side by side.  


 Our vision

Our vision is to be the world's leading non-profit IT-company.


Our mission

Our mission at AfB

In our company, employees with and without disabilities work together side by side, to provide high-quality IT services and products. Here, acting economically but also environmentally-friendly takes center-stage. 

Our values at AfB

Our values

  • We convince our partners with our business model that includes diversity and is socially responsible.
  • We are committed to the protection and privacy of data and give it the highest priority.
  • We grow with the needs and requirements of our customers and partners.
  • We have made a name for ourselves with high-quality IT services, consulting work and products.
  • We are known for being versatile, friendly and focused on success.
  • We act with responsibility for the environment.
  • Strong principles allow us to better guide our employees


Promoting inclusion of diversity and bringing down barriers! In the long run, we intend to create 500 jobs for people with disabilities. Beyond that, we also want to raise awareness in our society for successful "Social Entrepreneurship" and strengthen sustainable management methods. We see great opportunities in the training of people with disabilities in order to empower them to lead independent and self-determined lives.