Refurbishing 150 laptops from Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions to help in eastern Slovakia

Donation from T-systemsSeptember2020


Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia s.r.o., previousy known as T-Systems in Slovakia, has selected 13 organizations in eastern Slovakia, to which it has handed over 150 of its discarded laptops. "It's very good that we can help in this way and moreover in this difficult situation, when discarded hardware can help students even more. Even though only with limited possibilities, whenever possible, we are very happy to move our computers next door, so in the end, we become a beneficial help for our region” concluded Tomáš Tressa from Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions.

AfB Slovakia had the honor to participate in this project as their partner, with the task to perform a certified data erasure, repairs and refurbishment process on all equipment and in the end hand over the laptops in person to the representatives of schools and non-profit organizations on behalf of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions. "It was challenging, almost a thousand kilometers in two days, during which we had the opportunity to see literally the whole Slovakia. However, it was definitely worth it and the joy of the recipients when handing over the equipment from our partner is a great satisfaction for the effort spent with the equipment at our company location or during the delivery itself, "said Dávid Mick, COO of AfB Slovakia.

Along with him, the company's CEO Marek Antoňák also went on this long journey, appreciating the approach of Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions in this difficult situation. "It's great to see our partner target schools and organizations, and we're excited to be a part of it. I am particularly pleased to help schools, which, with the deteriorating situation regarding COVID-19, certainly face many challenges, which, however, will be overcome a little easier with the help of these computers. We are looking forward to further joint projects and we believe, that the equipment we have handed over, will serve for a long time in good condition," he said.

150 laptops were divided between 4 civic associations and 9 schools in Prešov, Vranov nad Topľou, Košice, Rožňava and in the vicinity of these cities. These associations and schools can, thanks to Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions, now enjoy the expansion of their IT equipment: Church Gymnasium of St. František of Assisi from Vranov nad Topľou (Cirkevné gymnázium sv. Františka z Assisi z Vranova nad Topľou), primary school and kindergarten from Kapušany (Základná škola s Materskou školou Kapušany), Ján Adam Rayman Gymnasium and Secondary Medical School of St. Basil the Great in Prešov (Gymnázium Jána Adama Raymana a Stredná zdravotnícka škola sv. Bazila Veľkého v Prešove), Gymnasium Alejová (Gymnázium Alejová), Joint School on Vojenská Street (Spojená škola na Vojenskej ulici), Gymnasium of Košice´s St. Martyrs (Gymnázium sv. Košických mučeníkov), Secondary Vocational School of Automotive in Košice (Stredná odborná škola automobilová v Košiciach) and civic associations 09414 in Sečovská Polianka and Live Aid (občianske združenia 09414 v Sečovskej Polianke a Live Aid), BP Red Shore and TS Suprémo in Košice (BP Červený Breh a TS Suprémo v Košiciach).