Donation of 40 monitors for Amavet

Logo of Amavet

Logo of AMAVET.

Representatives of AMAVET and the CEO of AfB Slovakia with five cartons of monitors.

Representatives of AMAVET and the CEO of AfB Slovakia with five cartons of monitors.


Discarded hardware continues to help. This time 40 monitors from our partners, together with PCs and accessories from other donors, will reach students, who will use them for education and growth, thanks to the initiative of the Amavet civic association. We would like to thank AMAVET for its activities in Slovakia, which enable young people to naturally develop their abilities and talents, thus leading them, to live a full-featured life. AMAVET also thinks of students in difficult social situations. We are glad, that we were also able to help them a little bit by donation 40 monitors for their activities and are looking forward for further cooperation. 

Who is the civic association AMAVET

Educational organization for children and youth AMAVET - Association for Youth, Science and Technology has been around for 30 years. During this time, the civic association has created a huge capital of talented young people, primary and secondary school students, who, after schooling awaken in themselves (with help from hundreds of volunteers and teachers) a creative spirit for the development of science and technology in Slovakia. AMAVET's innovations in a non-formal education pulsate intensively and distribute fresh blood of ideas to capillaries throughout Slovakia. Today, the result is 4,500 members in 56 clubs throughout Slovakia, which have a positive effect on the member's future profession. In the 30-year period, tens of thousands of children have grown up in clubs, many of whom are now in leading positions in various companies. In addition to schools and school facilities, AMAVET plays an important role in shaping young people through non-formal education, which is becoming a full-fledged part of lifelong learning. AMAVET members are mostly young people, who devote their time to research activities and the development of club activities. They are interested in exchanging experiences with groups of similar focus in Europe. Their aim, is to obtain as much information about young people with equal interests in Europe as possible and thus contribute to the development of communication between young people and science.

More about the civic association AMAVET (in Slovak language) can be found on this link.