AfB Slovakia at Profesia days – Zone without Borders

AfB Slovakia at Profesia days

Foto: AfB Slovakia s.r.o.


The employment of people with disabilities is a topic on which a question mark still hangs in our society. Last year, almost 2,000 such applicants created a CV on the job portal, which represents almost two percent of the total number of CV´s on this job portal.

Zone without Borders at the Profesia Days festival in Bratislava was intended to deal with this topic, here those interested found companies, social enterprises, sheltered workshops and supported employment agencies. The zone was designed not only for people with disabilities, but also for those who want to find out about these topics, want to help, or find a job that would be related to helping such a group of people in society. We are glad that AfB Slovakia also had the opportunity to present itself and offer a job to people with disabilities.