AfB Slovakia helps in the programme Budúcnosť INAK!

Representation of the Pontis Foundation Martina Kolesárová and Trnava Deputy mayor Eva Nemčovská sign a joint memorandum.

Representation of the Pontis Foundation Martina Kolesárová and Trnava Deputy mayor Eva Nemčovská sign a joint memorandum.

The premises of the new center.

The premises of the new center.


We are very proud of our cooperation with the Pontis Foundation, thanks to which we can participate in its Budúcnosť INAK programme. As a partner of this programme, our company provided its computer technology to create the first out-of-school center of the Budúcnosť INAK programme, the opening ceremony took place on November 26, 2019 (photos from the event under the article). This center is located at Základná škola s materskou školou na Ulici Maxima Gorkého v Trnave (which translates to the Primary School with Kindergarten on Maxim Gorky Street in Trnava in english) and is intended to develop skills and support cooperation among children aged 11 to 15 years. They will acquire skills by working on their own projects with mentoring from top personalities of Slovak business. The programme is aimed at strengthening digital skills, creativity and entrepreneurship, and encourages children to further develop or improve their school results. “We are convinced that this can help them in their transition to secondary schools and thus make education more accessible, so they will be more successful on the labor market,” explains M. Kolesárová.

A big thanks goes also to the city of Trnava, which participated in finding and providing of suitable premises. The Pontis Foundation and the City of Trnava used the aforementioned opening ceremony to sign a joint memorandum, and the Pontis Foundation became a partner of the City of Trnava, just as we did when we opened our branch in Trnava (Slovakia) in September. “This unique programme attracted us right from the start and we are very pleased that Trnava was the first choice when choosing a pilot center. The program will give children opportunities, that they would not otherwise have access to. It can be a stepping stone to new opportunities and a successful future, ”says Eva Nemčovská, the deputy mayor of Trnava.

The programme is also part of the European project Social (i) Makers, which aims to improve the capacity of social innovation. The Social (i) Makers project is implemented under the Interreg Central Europe Programme with the support of the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.


Who is the Pontis Foundation and what are their goals?

The Pontis Foundation was established under the name Nadácia pre občiansku spoločnosť (which translates to Civil Society Foundation) in 1997. It aims to bring together businesses, NGOs, state institutions, communities and individuals to work together to bring about positive changes in education, responsible entrepreneurship and the fight against corruption and poverty. Its activities aim to contribute to the transformation of Slovakia into a good, prosperous, sustainable country where people work, educate themselves, are active and can find employment or start a business, as well as a society that is tolerant of minorities and supports diversity.

You can read more about the Pontis Foundation on their official website here.

The official website of the programme can be found here (only in Slovak language).

Photos from the opening ceremony