Chambers of Commerce help AfB Slovakia to grow

Logo of the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (upper position) and the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce (lower position)


Since its establishment, AfB Slovakia has been a member of the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce (SOHK) as well as the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SNOPK). We would like to express our gratitude for the fruitful collaboration in the IT industry to date in both chambers, where we can share our vast experience in the field of environmental protection and the inclusion of people with disabilities into workflow process with other members at various events. We are always looking forward to the next meeting thanks to professional organization, great atmosphere and friendly and helpful approach.

Who is the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SNOPK)

SNOPK is part of a strong network of more than 140 foreign representations of the German economy in more than 90 countries worldwide and has a close link to the network of chambers of commerce and industry in Germany. This chamber brings together more than 440 member corporations, making it the largest bilateral economic association in Slovakia. Members of the Chamber are industrial enterprises, service providers as well as trading companies from both countries from almost all sectors of the economy. Members benefit not only from the SNOPK network of contacts, but also have the opportunity to obtain important market information on a regular basis and have advantageous conditions for using selected SNOPK services.

More information about SNOPK activities here

Who is the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce (SOHK)

SOHK is an independent association of natural and legal persons, established to support business and economic relations between business entities of Slovakia and Austria. SOHK operates throughout the entire Slovak Republic and has the character of a non-profit organization. It aims to maintain good relations with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, support an all-round development of relations between companies of the Slovak and Austrian Republic, solve business problems due to relations between Slovak and Austrian business entities, to protect and develop the common economic interests of its members, to represent its members and provide them with relevant information from their industry.

More information about SOHK activities here