Seniors should also have an opportunity to increase their computer literacy .....

Loan of eight laptops to the City of Trnava.

Marek Antoňák (on the left)and Vlastimil Očenáš (on the right) after signing the contract at the town hall.


AfB Slovakia has provided 8 laptops to the City of Trnava. Base for this act is the common memorandum of cooperation from 2019. The refurbished laptops are equipped with operating system and other necessary software and will be used in social daycare centers for elderly citizens. The agreement on a seven-year free loan was signed on Thursday, January 30, 2020 by the managing director of AfB Slovakia Marek Antoňák and the director of the Social Care Center Vlastimil Očenáš at the Trnava City Hall. 

"The company offered us this form of assistance during our first joint negotiations, we determined, based on priorities, that it would be very useful to loan these laptops to eight social day care centers for seniors in Trnava, which currently have 1,863 members," said the Deputy Mayor of Trnava Eva Nemčovská.

In this way, we managed to help seniors in social day care centers to develop their computer literacy, which should be for example obtained by searching for information on the Internet, handling e-mail correspondence or by communicating with other people on social networks.

You can read more (in slovak language) here.