STRABAG as our new partner!

Strabag logo.

Strabag logo.


On 27.05.2020, our company signed a Cooperation Agreement with STRABAG BRVZ s.r.o. We have gained not only another strong partner for cooperation, but also an ally in the fight to preserve our natural resources, which also does not forget its employees. STRABAG has decided to use our professional data erasure and ICT refurbishment services. The equipment that will be provided to us will, after refurbishment, be offered for sale at advantageous prices, primarily to its employees, who have reserved their equipment in advance. This approach will save not only their money, but also the natural resources that would be needed to produce new IT equipment. STRABAG thinks of our motto Social & Green IT and that is why we are glad that it has chosen us as its partner.

Who is STRABAG BRVZ s.r.o.

STRABAG SE is an European construction technology group, based on the roots of traditional European companies, which today works on projects all around the world. In Slovakia, several construction and service group companies operate under the STRABAG logo. STRABAG s.r.o. is one of the leaders in the field of transport and railway construction and is also a producer of asphalt and concrete mixtures. STRABAG Pozemné a inžinierske staviteľstvo s.r.o. also has a leading role on the Slovak construction market. The company STRABAG BRVZ s.r.o. does, in addition to IT services, also provide accounting, financing, insurance, human resources and real estate management sercives for companies, which are part of STRABAG SE group, in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.