Remarketing protects the environment!

Socially Enviromental impact AfB


Over the last 15 years, AfB has saved up to 87,270 tonnes of emissions (converted to CO2) through IT remarketing !!! This corresponds to nearly five daily flights from Berlin to New York and back for a duration of 15 years. All AfB IT partners, who did not put their retired hardware into electrical waste, but decided to hand it over to AfB for certified data erasure and subsequent remarketing contributed to this success.

AfB customers are largely responsible for this success as well because of their decision to not purchase new IT hardware, but still demand a quality hardware with warranty and service. We firmly believe, that you will be happy with our refurbished business-class laptops, computers and smartphones.

Every notebook that can be reused after our refurbishment means protecting the environment, because no natural resources are needed to produce it and our technological process generates considerably less greenhouse gases than a production of new IT hardware would generate.

We want to more than double this contribution by 2025: we want to save 200,000 tonnes of emissions. Trust our certified services and our proven refurbished products. Become a part of social & green IT. Together we can do it.

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For more information about our social and enviromental impact over the 15 years click here.