Introducing our new partner, ING!

 ING Hubs B.V. Slovakia logo

ING Hubs B.V. Slovakia logo


By signing another Cooperation Agreement, this time with ING Hubs B.V. Slovakia, AfB Slovakia s.r.o. has managed to increase the number of its partners with a company, that believes in the idea of sustainability. In fact, the entire ING Group believes, that sustainable business is better business, which is why it strives to help its clients to become more sustainable. In 2019, ING signed the Collective Commitment to Climate Action initiative with 35 other banks, aligning the company's portfolio to reflect and finance a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy, which is needed to limit global warming to well below 2˚ Celsius.

There is no shortage of opportunities for enterprising people at ING Hubs, as the company works according to agile principles in small, self-organised teams and continuously innovates the world of finance.

Who is ING Hubs B.V. Slovakia

ING Hubs B.V. Slovakia is a key partner for ING offices worldwide. By joining this shared services hub, its clients get a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into banking from behind the curtain. With a focus on core banking operations and processes, ING Shared Services Bratislava supports branches in 40 countries.

ING is a global bank with a strong European base. Its 53,000 employees serve approximately 38.4 million customers, corporate clients, financial institutions investment companies or the public sector. It provides services ranging from simple payment processing to complex structured transactions with leading expertise in sectors such as transport, energy, metals and financial institutions.