Thanks to Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions, we managed to donate more than 500 laptops in 2022

Donation of over 500 laptops thanks to AfB and Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions


We are happy to help, when we can. And we CAN, thanks to a great cooperation we are having with Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions. This year alone, we were able to donate over 500 laptops.

To be precise, 533 laptops were distributed to 54 schools, civic associations and non-profit organizations during the year. This is a record number since we started our cooperation in 2020, with a huge increase compared to previous years.

Most of the devices went to schools. "Despite the fact that we live in the age of IT technology, quality hardware is unfortunately not very common for many educational institutions," said David Mick, Chief Operating Officer of AfB Slovakia. "Fortunately, this is no longer the case for a number of schools," he added, "as thanks to this collaboration, they have been able to get their hands on quality laptops, that have been erased, cleaned, repaired, refurbished and handed over to the organisations' representatives by our colleagues."

His words were confirmed by Tomáš Tressa from Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia: "Although it seems, that nowadays the presence of a computer everywhere is commonplace, it is not true. On the contrary, it is still a "scarce commodity" in schools, associations and families with schoolchildren. And so it is really nice to be part of a project, that aims to tangibly help those, for whom it will really make everyday activities easier and to support education in this way. Moreover, it is always a pleasure to work together on something good with partners like our colleagues from AfB. And that's why, we were able to reach this very sympathetic milestone together."

Nezabúdajme ani na to, že sami sme sociálnym podnikom a tak sa táto pomoc ešte znásobuje, keďže okrem obdarovaných organizácií podporuje Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions aj nás, a tým inklúziu a ochranu životného prostredia, čo sú základné piliere na ktorých stojí AfB. Za to patrí nášmu partnerovi veľká vďaka a všetkým obdarovaným želáme, aby im zariadenia dlho a dobre slúžili.

We must not forget the various civic associations and non-profit organisations, that strive to improve conditions for people with disabilities, people from marginalised communities or difficult socio-economic circumstances. Thanks to the intensive efforts of our partner, we were also able to respond promptly to the situation, that arose at the border after the outbreak of the military conflict in Ukraine.

"These laptops have tangibly and very concretely helped many people in difficult times. We had hoped to finally breathe a little easier after corona, but unfortunately, the war conflict at our neighbours has presented us with new challenges in the months and years to come. We should appreciate the help of conscious and responsible companies such as Deutsche Telekom, which are striving step by step on several fronts to improve life in our society. We are proud to be a part of this," said our CEO Marek Antoňák. "500 laptops is already a nice number and represents a big commitment for us for the future. Last year such a number seemed to be very far away, today it is a reality. So why shouldn't we be able to achieve the same number next year?", he assessed.

Let's not forget, that we ourselves are a social enterprise, and so this help is multiplied even further, since in addition to the donating organizations, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions also supports us and thus inclusion and environmental protection, which are the basic pillars on which AfB stands. For this, our partner deserves a big thank you, and we wish all the donors that the devices will serve them well and for a long time.